How To Check David L. Craig Out Via The Internet

I was born at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, DC, USA on December 4, 1949 and grew up in Cabin John, Maryland, USA.

I have been communicating via computer terminals since the 1970s. If you want, you can check out my postings on the VMSHARE conference in which I was active most of the 1980s. (Most of my posts are associated with the strings NOTE DLCRAIG and NSI/DAVE).

When ARPANET and BITNET started providing mailing list services, there were more lists I read and sometimes posted to than I can remember, so good luck chasing down those pearls of wisdom. When the NSFNET contract requirement for net access was lifted in the early ’90s, I procurred email services as user dlc, first from for a few years, then with Alas, after almost two decades of providing me incredibly high price/performance ISP service (including CONUS dialup), RadixNet announced it must go out of business at the end of June 2013. Thus, my official website at will go away along with my email address—no forwarding. The new website and email addresses, and, are likely not going to produce many hits for awhile, but they are mine.

These days I have been subscribed to the various IBM mainframe and Debian listservs and sometimes have things worth sharing. Another technically oriented community I have participated in for most of the aughts was Nick Petreley’s website that now seems to be MIA and possibly gone forever. The type of subjects I tended to comment upon at VarLinux are also commented upon at The Register’s website that reports IT news with a British focus. Visit “El Reg” if you want to register for the forums or just look at this sample (cleaned-up) HTML snapshot of my posts there.

A while back I started a LiveJournal blog but starting in 2009 I just created a Note or Wall post on my FaceBook account that I’ve had a love/hate relationship with and have kept it deactivated for over half a year again (and probably will keep it that way). I do maintain a Google+ personal presence and a Google+ employee presence but have not posted much there. I used to have a MySpace account, but now prefer to send people to my SoundClick or my OurStage accounts to hear the only recordings I’ve found the time to produce, as folks tend to give me some feedback there. However, MySpace recently spruced up its service, so even though my account had been purged, I created a new musician’s account and we shall see if I get active there. Lastly, I had a small circle of artistic friends via my now deleted deviantArt account.

If you want to go fishing for me via a search engine, I use dlc, g1dlc, dlcusa, dlc.usa, and as a userid all over the place.

If I remember any other tips to help folks check me out, I will update this page. If you come up with any, please let me know at and I will add them.