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Overview: IT Engagement Solicitation Information

There are four separate and publicly available documents I have been using in my job search. In the event you cannot receive them as email attachments or if you have simply dropped by my website to obtain them, and you are in need of them now, scroll down to the bottom of this page. But, if you can spare a few minutes first, reading this entire page will probably enable you to decide if you need to see them at all, saving you much more time than these up front few minutes.

My Approach to Seeking Work

While I am into my seventh decade now, if that datum gives you pause, you should also know I am still going strong. My cardiologist told me I ran my July 2010 stress test like I was only 40. My mental energy is actually better than ever since the IQ test I took in May 2010 reported an all time high (but not by much). Thus, I am ready, willing, and able; even eager to continue providing complicated IT services that truly delight my clients. Hopefully I can keep this up for another two or three decades, preferably with a single organization, but chance happens to us all.

If you are still reading this, I am willing to bet you are asking yourself, “Why is this guy talking about the elephant in his room?” Yes, I do know common wisdom dictates that must not be done if you want to get an interview. The truth is, I do not want to get an interview, I want to get to work.

This does not mean I wish to bypass interviews, only that I wish to prevent the unproductive ones, those that can be avoided by more transparency up front than is currently common. So, if my age is a show-stopper for you, or, for that matter, my lack of an undergraduate degree is an automatic discussion-ender in your organization (even though I was a Computer Scientist for NASA Goddard when I was publicly cited for providing Exceptional Service supporting missions including the Space Shuttle program), please, do not ask me to come in for an interview that will just waste our time.

I am not interested in ferreting out possibilities for employment discrimination litigation, so do not be concerned about that possible exposure. I am concerned about candidly allowing you to size me up as a potential provider of complex technological services. Just because the law says you may not investigate or hold against an applicant some types of data, that does not mean none of that data can be pertinent to making an objective assessment of a candidate’s fitness for the job’s duties and responsibilities. Obviously, not all possible data should be shared; i.e., you definitely should not be made aware of or become liable for knowledge of some types; e.g., much information under the purview of HIPAA regulations, material classified organizationally at any applicable level of confidentiality or under an NDA. My mention of my cardiologist’s opinion is probably right on the line of reasonable discretion. Hopefully, my candor and forthrightness will render asking such illegal questions unnecessary.

Unlike a great number of providers in the market, I do not want to “trick” (a polite way of saying “deceive”) you into offering me a position that is probably not a good fit for either of us. I hope you, too, choose to assess potential team players with integrity and in good faith. We must, of course, exercise reasonable due diligence regarding what is represented before entering into any serious negotiations, should this dialog reach that point.

So, I honestly tell you about my strengths, weaknesses, and aspirations; you honestly tell me about yours; and hopefully we decide to attempt a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship that we both assess to be of low risk.

At least, that’s the way I think the process is supposed to work. I understand many people do not agree in one or more particulars. If you agree, please investigate my career documentation as fully as you can manage before contacting me for follow-up. If you have any questions at all, my email address at tends to be the best place to submit them, but be sure to use a Subject: like “IT Doc Inquiry” so I do not treat it like spam instead of reading it. For a rush request, please feel free to call my cell at 1.240.498.8617 or my home’s land line at 1.301.947.8188. Call either number at any time if you think it necessary. Both support voice messaging.

Thank you very much for demonstrating your interest in my technical career by finding and reading this Web page. I hope you think it was a good use of your time to do so and are looking forward to considering the following documents.

IT Work Search Documents Available via WWW Hyperlinks

I recommend viewing the PDF or HTML formats. Download the other formats for computer processing of the content as it gets increasingly difficult to ensure the different formats will properly render using the all the versions of all the software packages that will attempt rendering.

Generic Cover Letter

one page—explains why you should consider me for any requirements that call for a seasoned IT specialist

IT Resume

two pages, containing Summary, Relevant Experience (skills), Professional Experience (engagements), Technical Education, Other Information

Time Line Graphic

one page—my entire IT career in a glance

Detailed Career History

a generic employment application (this public version elides confidential data—the full version is available by request)