Torah Commentaries (Drashes) of David L. Craig

Creative Commons by-sa License Logo These commentaries on Torah portions were written by David L. Craig, are copyrighted, and are freely available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license as explained in this text file.

Devarim 2017 PDF ODT A look at espionage
Reeh 2018 PDF ODT On everyone doing what is right is his own sight
VaYera 2018 PDF ODT On Sodom and Gomorrah
Beshalach 2019 PDF ODT On crossing the Red Sea
Metzora 2019 PDF ODT On living water
Balak 2019 PDF On judgment (golden calf, Baal Peor, Achan, Ananias and Sapphira)
Vayelech 2019 PDF ODT [not presented--reworked and presented the next Shabbat]
Haazinu 2019 PDF ODT On the case against Israel (and complementarianism versus egalitarianism)
Vayegash 2020 PDF ODT On the wisdom of Prime Minister Joseph
Vayikra 2020 PDF ODT On qorbanot (sacrifices) to draw near to God (note the point about bloodless sacrifices was rebuted by Roeh Ralph citing argument made by Dr. Michael L. Brown in his "Answering Jewish Objections to Yeshua" multi-volume set).
Balak 2020 PDF ODT On translating if or since, and the outcomes of some gentile lives due to choices
Sukkot Day 1 2020 PDF ODT On signs in the heavens
VaYechi 2021 PDF ODT A look at finishing well
Chag HaMatzo Day 7 2021 PDF ODT About dealing with uncertain meanings in The Scriptures
Devarim 2021 PDF ODT Reprising the last Devarim after four more years
Lech Lecha 2021 PDF ODT On the genesis of Abraham's faith and obedience
Mishpatim 2022 PDF ODT On the ordinances and writing
Kedoshim 2022 PDF ODT On holiness and the golden rule
V_Et_Channan 2022 PDF ODT On remembering what you've seen and teaching your children
Noach 2022 PDF ODT On governments
Bo 2023 PDF ODT On going and coming and imperative statements
HaAzinu 2023 PDF ODT On Moses' last command and V_Et_Channan 2022 part 2
Shemot 2024 PDF ODT About Moses' Humility
Metzora 2024 PDF ODT About Ritual Purity and John G. Lake's Testimony
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